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Hutch Sports Academy is the only XPE Certified Facility in Ohio with quality trainers providing a unique experience making athletes faster and stronger together.  This multi sport indoor complex located in the heart of Medina is open year round, seven days a week.  We work around your training schedule to create a plan that will help you accomplish your fitness goals.



Recovering from a work out is as important as the work out. Building recovery time into your training program allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues. The body repairs and strengthens itself in the time between workouts, and continuous training can actually weaken the strongest athletes if they don’t allow for recovery time.

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Normatec Pulse 2.0 Recovery Boots: 

“Recovery is your edge to achieve more. Maximize your training and find your new PR with NormaTec’s patented technology. The PULSE 2.0 Series works as both a high-tech warm up, and a dynamic way to recover faster post-workout. The next generation NormaTec PULSE 2.0 Series is engineered to bring world-class recovery to athletes of all levels. The PULSE 2.0 Series systems are 27% smaller, but pack all the performance that has made NormaTec the recovery system trusted by 97% of Pro teams. The NormaTec PULSE 2.0 Series brings you cutting-edge connectivity and powerful results in a modern system that travels well and is built to last.” Click here to learn more!

Hutch Sports Academy charges $20 for 30 minutes. Talk to one of our team members today to start your Normatec recovery. 

CBD Lotion: 

It won’t get you high: CBD is extracted from hemp (a cannabis plant) and is entirely non-psychotic, unlike THC, so it won’t make you high.

  • Key Benefits
    • Pain Relief
    • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Helps prevent Acne
    • Improves sleep
    • Helps with Eczema
    • Promotes Calmness

Hutch Sports Academy charges $30 per bottle. Talk to one of our team members today to learn more or purchase yours. 

Take Charge Of Your Life

Maintain a balanced metabolism, improves athletic performance, cardio and circulatory health while also protecting you from injury.